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At the intersection between art and science, health and cannabis, Hear/Say is an innovative exhibition that showcases thought-provoking work from 11 local and national artists to bring light to a controversial topic.

After attending a three-day workshop with presentations from Colorado scientists and community members on the impacts of high concentration cannabis, the artists created new works influenced by the information learned. Working with this science-informed art model, curator Tya Anthony brings together artists from various perspectives and media. 

Hear/Say Art Exhibition Opening Night Reception

Jun 14, 2024, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
BRDG Project Gallery and Event Space, 3300 Tejon St, Denver, CO 80211, USA

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Portrait of Tya Anthony, Hear Say's Curator. Interdisciplinary Artist, Independent Curator

Tya Alisa Anthony

Interdisciplinary Artist, Independent Curator

Tya explores themes of domestic resilience, social justice, human rights, and identity through sculptural painting, photography, and collage.


Her artwork refocuses narratives of people of color while shedding light on the social, economic, and the natural environments that surround her subjects. She reimagines historic narratives as an opportunity to explore alternate realities. Anthony is particularly interested in creating autonomous spaces for bodies of color and using core memories as a form of catharsis.

“Through thought provoking artistry, we aim to spark conversations, challenge stereotypes, and foster empathy within our community. Together, let's break down barriers, celebrate intentional conversations, and amplify the importance of intergenerational communication.”

Tya Alisa Anthony

Interdisciplinary Artist, Independent Curator
Curator, Hear/Say Art Exhibition

A closer look at the three-day workshop series, where artists participated in interactive presentations from Colorado scientists and community members. This initiative served as an influential starting point for these 11 featured artists to get inspiration for their thought-provoking work and learn first-hand the impacts of high concentration cannabis. 

Featured Artists

Image of artist, Christine Nguyen, one of Hear Says featured artists.

Christine Nguyen

My work draws upon the imagery of nature, the sciences, and the cosmos but it is not limited to a conventional reading of these realms. It imagines that the depths of the ocean reach into outer space, that through an organic prism, vision can fluctuate between the micro- and macroscopic. My practice is devoted to the natural world and its curiosities.

Beth Johnston

Beth Johnston is a visual artist working across photography, video, and installation. With a background in science and psychology, her work explores the intersections of ecology, cultural imaginations, and knowledge systems. She often collaborates with scientists to not only translate scientific knowledge into visual form but to explore the perspectives that science alone does not see. She is currently a Colorado Art Science Environment (CASE) Fellow at the University of Colorado-Boulder and holds an MFA in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design. 

Image of artist Beth Johnston, one of Hear Says featured artists.
Image of artist Denise “The Vamp DeVille” Zubizarreta, one of Hear Says featured artists.

Denise “The Vamp DeVille” Zubizarreta 

Denise "The Vamp DeVille" Zubizarreta is a neurodivergent interdisciplinary artist of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent, with over a decade of experience in various creative fields. She is currently an arts and culture writer for multiple leading publications that offer curated and critical perspectives on contemporary art, film, television, and culture. Denise holds a B.F.A. in Fine Art from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design and is pursuing her Masters in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management (M.A.L.C.M.) at Colorado State University.

Autumn T. Thomas

I am a wood sculpture artist. I create abstract sculptures, turning exotic African hardwood into dynamic curving shapes that mimic the immeasurable experience of the Black woman.

Image of artist Autumn T. Thomas, one of Hear Says featured artists.
Image of artist Shaunie Berry, one of Hear Says featured artists.

Shaunie Berry

Denver based multimedia artist Shaunie Berry is a portrait artist who focuses on capturing the essence of unique individuals and themes within the mundane. Inspired by people and vibes, she uses art as a form of advocacy and representation.

Jennifer Ghormley

Jennifer Ghormley is a Denver-based artist, specializing in printmaking, mixed media, and installation art. She has worked at Anderson Ranch Art Center, previously held an Artist-in-Residence at RedLine Contemporary Art Center, Museum of Outdoor Arts, and the Children's Museum. She is on the Teaching Artist Roster at Think360 Arts, working with audiences of all ages and integrative arts programs. Jennifer is also an instructor at the University of Denver, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Art Students League of Denver.

Jennifer's academic background comprises an MFA with an emphasis in Printmaking from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a BFA in Printmaking from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and an Associate of Applied Arts degree with a focus on Photography from the Art Institute of Houston.

Image of work by artist Jennifer Ghormley, one of Hear Say's featured artists.
Image of artist Anna Tsouhlarakis, one of Hear Say's featured artists.

Anna Tsouhlarakis

Anna Tsouhlarakis works in sculpture, installation, video, and performance. She received her BA from Dartmouth College with degrees in Native American Studies and Studio Art. She went on to receive her MFA from Yale University in Sculpture.

Peter Miles Bergman

Peter Miles Bergman is a conceptual artist, printer, publisher and the founder and Special Agent in Charge of the Institute of Sociometry, an international art and communications cooperative based in Denver, Colorado. Bergman’s work is derived from the durational repetition of habits, patterns, and places and seeks to observe and unmask the random, humorous, and profound nature of the lived experience. Often satirical in its final form, Bergman’s work deploys personal narrative to pick at the corners of social and municipal systems of control.

Image of work by artist Peter Miles Bergman, one of Hear Say's featured artists.
Image of artist Samuel Mata, one of Hear Say's featured artists.

Samuel Mata

Samuel Mata is a painter and collage artist whose work explores the multifaceted dynamics of culture, identity, and the corporeal. His collage work is informed by an interest in human interaction with the malleability of an ever-changing world. He draws inspiration from personal experience growing up in a bilingual and multicultural environment with Mexican-immigrant parents.

Tiffany Medina

Tiffany Medina is a Multimedia artist who currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Her creative process begins when she chooses the mediums and materials that feel right for the message she would like to convey. She gravitates towards bright, lively colors to bring a positive impression from the emotions she includes in her pieces. 

Image of artist Tiffany Medina, one of Hear Say's featured artists.
Image of artist Fernando Orellana, one of Hear Say's featured artists.

Fernando Orellana

From robots that hold protests, extruders that birth populations and machines that are designed for the dead to operate, Fernando Orellana has collaborated with automation for over twenty years to create transmedia artwork. As a machine designer, a technologist and a user, Orellana has blurred the line between himself and the machine in the creative process. The imagery and narrative that Orellana explores spans a spectrum that includes giving agency to automata, embraces the generatively made, celebrates the wonder of absurdity and is most often driven by the universes of his subconscious mind.

Process Photos of Artwork

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